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Drive Revenue and Grow: How HubSpot and ClickUp Transform Tracking and Reporting

by Michael O'Mara, on Mar 15, 2022 11:22:58 AM

Traditional ways of tracking and reporting don’t align your teams and increase revenue. If anything, the old way of doing things leads to stagnation and stunted growth. Instead of guessing what works and hoping for the best, you can rely on strong tracking and reporting tools to build informed arguments, uncover new opportunities, and work as a team. 

You need solutions that work with you, not against you. That’s how you align your teams and data to #GrowSmarter.

Two essential software solutions for your business

A “tech stack” consists of the systems, software, and tools your business uses to function. An optimized tech stack is when all of your tools exist under one location and work in tandem. It’s frustrating to use 10, 15, even 20 different tools to achieve just a few goals, isn’t it? HubSpot understands this problem, which is why it offers essential premium features at an affordable annual rate. ClickUp understands this issue too (more on that later).

1. HubSpot

HubSpot’s Starter CRM features include a suite of powerful marketing tools to delight customers and win the day. Here are five capable marketing tools included in HubSpot Starter:

  • Forms to capture leads at multiple website touch points 
  • Email marketing tools, like newsletters and email client integration 
  • Advertising tracking and management 
  • Landing page development with inbound methodology guidance
  • Helpful conversation inbox for easy internal navigation and organization

How HubSpot Improves Tracking 

Three words: forms, email, and advertising. HubSpot provides tracking for all three. Forms to capture leads at multiple website touch points, email marketing tools, like newsletter and content assigned to specific contacts or email lists, and the ability to integrate advertising channels for comprehensive tracking and management. 

Others use Mailchimp for email marketing, Jotform for form building, and Facebook business manager to track advertising. HubSpot does all of that in one place. No more clicking from tab to tab, no more compiling data from several different places. Your data lives where you work.

How HubSpot Improves Reporting

Now that you know data lives where you work, here’s how data will work for you. When you integrate HubSpot into your tech stack or build with HubSpot’s powerful suite of website tools, you can generate comprehensive reports of website traffic and meaningful data, like bounce rates, session rates, and visitor origin. For email content, HubSpot allows you to manage content performance reports right from a customized reporting dashboard. 

Does your boss have a question about campaign performance? Answer it faster with HubSpot. Does your team need access to last month’s KPIs? No problem. Just give them access to the reporting dashboard and they’re good to go. Now you, your clients, and your team are all on the same page. 

Communicate, work, and track all in one place. HubSpot’s the premier software to streamline your processes and delight your customers. Click here to learn more about HubSpot’s starter plan.

2. ClickUp

Project management software is what ClickUp is, but it’s more than just productivity software. It’s a way to get your life back, and maybe take a break. 

For Team Sauce, ClickUp has streamed our project workflow, empowered our team to customize their own schedules, and optimized time management. What’s our new motto? “If it’s not in ClickUp, it didn’t happen”. When you use a dedicated SaaS like ClickUp, you save at least 20% of your time otherwise spent on keeping track of everything separately. 

Fully customizable friction reduction. This isn’t a one-sized fits all service. It’s a solution software that’s tailored to you. 

Over 800,000 teams use ClickUp every single day. Across industries and departments, ClickUp helps you create a sustainable, and trackable, system of work. Click here to read about pricing and frequently asked questions.

How ClickUp Improves Tracking 

Everyone knows due dates, but when you’re living the #AgencyLife, juggling them all can get tricky. ClickUp makes it easy.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Time estimates for each task. Time tracking too! Custom delivery roles can be assigned as needed for easier tracking, along with client and service tags. You can even set a record type, which determines the category of task assigned or completed. 

Now that you have all of your work organized, ClickUp can accurately track the work completed and the time spent completing it. All down to the individual category. You can make it as granular as your company needs it to be!

How ClickUp Improves Reporting

Now that you tracked your tasks, it’s time to populate the results in one place. ClickUp offers dashboards, a common feature but with a twist: fully customizable and automated. It’s the most adaptive and fluid dashboard system around! You can use these dashboards to compile time worked, tasks, and role management details. This is why tracking needs to be granular! If you fail to track properly, you’ll fail to report properly too. All you need to do is follow the rules you’ve set in place and stay focused.

One more solution: you!

Adding to your tech stack can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself: do you want to grow smarter or just keep looking for the magic bullet that solves everything? 

If you work with intent and buy in, software like HubSpot or ClickUp will improve your workflow and increase revenue dramatically. But it’s not an overnight fix. It takes time, patience, and commitment! You need to be as dialed in as you can be for your customers, team, and business. That means proactive communication, consistency, and a willingness to learn a new way of completing and reporting work. When you lead by example, your whole team is more willing to follow!

It’s easier said than done but ultimately, that’s how you can leverage the right software solutions to drive revenue smarter. It starts with you! I know you can do it. If you’re ready to drive your revenue and grow, contact one of our Growth Guides today.