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5 Ways Growth Driven Design Can Improve Your Business

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Aug 14, 2019 12:00:00 AM

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're familiar with Growth Driven Design (GDD) or perhaps, you're here because you're looking for information about what it is. Just in case it's the latter, here's a link where you can learn more about Growth Driven Design.

Okay, so you've continued reading -- let's dive into those 5 things I promised you in the title. 

1. Quick Wins - compared to traditional website design, GDD prioritizes the most impactful content and allows you to launch your site much more quickly. This means search engines are indexing and users are enjoying the new and improved version of your high impact pages sooner. Otherwise your website sits for too long in the construction phase while you sink money into it. For example, in a survey of 3,500 companies that were undergoing a traditional website design, 54% claimed that their redesign would take over 6 months to complete. And within that group, almost 80% claimed that their website would take over a year to be completed! In most cases, with GDD, your LaunchPad site is ready to go live within a a few months. This means the investment you're making in a new site can start working toward producing a return 6 - 9 months sooner than with traditional web design!

2. Happy Customers - have you ever wondered what someone was thinking, spent time guessing what it might be, only to realize the easiest way to know what they're thinking is to ASK!?!? GDD is based on feedback from actual users. Sometimes in the form of outright asking and other times in the form of what we like to call digital body language. It's a much less risky way to build a website, because let's face it-- you have an opinion, your designer has an opinion but the only opinion that impacts your bottom line is that of your customer. Using real user data from your customers to build a delightful online experience is much safer than risking your success on the opinions and preferences of people who aren't necessarily the intended user of your website. Customer delight is always the goal!

3. Trackable ROI - quick wins are great but Inbound Marketing is a long game strategy. With the right tools in place, you can track the return on your website and digital marketing investments. Long term wins are tied to the experience you provide for your customers. Ongoing analyzation of real user data combined with adjustments to continuously improve their experience is the key to success. Setting up the tools to enable this sort of tracking and attribution reporting is an integral part of GDD. 

4. Increased Revenue - when your customers are delighted with the experience you provide, they tell others. Before you know it, you're attracting new customers organically because of the way you deliver on your brand promise. More happy customers mean more revenue. While that's an oversimplification, it's true. When your customers are happy, you can expect more people who are looking for your products or services to contact you. It's not instant pudding; as mentioned in #3, Inbound Marketing is a long game strategy but unlike its outbound counterparts, the investment you make in inbound strategy produces results for as long as the content is out there. Outbound tactics stop producing results the moment you stop paying for them. A survey conducted in 2017 showed that companies using GDD saw a 14% increase in visitors, an almost 17% increase in leads, and an 11% increase in revenue after the first 6 months of adopting the process and launching their website.

5. No More Site Re-builds - in traditional website design you can expect to need a rebuild of your site every 3-5 years. In the years between re-builds your site and content are growing evermore stagnant with each passing day. With Growth Driven Design, continuous improvements mean no more 3 to 5 year re-builds or stagnant content. 

Looking for more? Let's talk! We're happy to chat with you about how Growth Driven Design might be a good fit to help you reach your growth goals!

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