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Communicate Success and Failure to Customers with StoryBrand

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Jun 14, 2021 12:00:00 AM

No stakes? No story.

Customers need a reason to do business with you. Generally, that reason is to solve a problem.

People head toward a vision of an improved, happier life. As customers research how to improve their lives through a purchase, they ask the following questions:

  • Where does your product or service take me? 
  • Where will my life go if I engage with your business?
  • Will I feel better about my problem? 

Your marketing needs to show ‘n tell. Show your customers the happy ending that awaits when they do business with you. Tell your customers what happens if they don’t. 

You do this by defining success and failure. 

This blog covers how StoryBrand identifies problems and solutions in your customer’s buying journey. Keep reading to learn about marketing messaging that eliminates guesswork and produces the results you need. 


Customers need you to solve their problems. 

The best way to solve your customer’s problems is to solve their external, internal, and philosophical motivations in one simple motion. For your business to solve a problem, you need to position your business as a guide. 

A guide is a resource in a customer’s life that makes their buying journey easier. Think about it: customers start their buying journey confused and unaware. It’s your responsibility to clarify how you help. You’ve always been your customer’s guide. Now, it’s time for your marketing to position your business as a guide, too. 

Never assume people know how your brand changes their lives. They never will unless you tell them.

There’s a lot of noise out there — cut through it. Here’s how:

  • Be consistent with your marketing copy
  • Build websites that stand out and communicate to customers that you’re their guide 
  • Develop an effective nurturing strategy through email marketing 


Humans hate failure. We’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it. It’s known as loss aversion. What loss is a customer averting by doing business with you?

Off the top of your head, do you know what your customer avoids when they do business with you? Do you think your prospective customers know when they look at your website? 

You need to clearly define to your customer the cost of not doing business with you. That’s extremely important. It probably feels a bit weird to remind your customers of negative results. But that’s the point. Telling your customers what to avoid while offering a solution is how you guide them to success and avoid failure.

Be careful not to overdo it! If you remind customers too much of failure, they’ll find another solution. Think of it like pepper; if you add too much, you’ll ruin the dish. 

Here are some common examples of what failure looks like for your customers: 

  • Wasted time and effort
  • Spending too much money 
  • Losing social or professional status
  • Struggling to solve simple or complex health problems

When you filter success and failure through your brand, you tell a clear, compelling story. For your business, that story looks exactly like this: 

  • A prospective customer encounters a problem 
  • They meet a guide (that’s you!) 
  • The guide offers a path to success 
  • Your customer follows the path
  • Customer avoids failure and trusts your business

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