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Does HubSpot Integrate With WordPress?

by Michael O'Mara, on Jul 20, 2021 10:35:24 AM

Yes, it can be done. You can integrate HubSpot and WordPress! The all-in-one, updated tools of HubSpot with the highly customizable building of WordPress. We have clients right now leveraging WordPress and HubSpot to their fullest potential. From designing beautiful, custom websites to developing leads and delighting, they’re getting it done.

Over 100,000 businesses have already integrated their WordPress and HubSpot. And you can too. 

In this blog, learn the details about WordPress plugins, integration between HubSpot and WordPress, and how to achieve success in your first steps as an integrated professional.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress is the cafeteria of website building. You can go all out and build a premium, fully customized website from scratch with its powerful, open-source tools. Or, you can keep it simple and clean without too much time and investment. These are wildly different approaches to web development and design. The one thing in common across both extremes? Plugins. 

To put it simply, WordPress plugins are bits of code. But if you don't understand coding, no fear. Most WordPress plugins are functional, effective lines of programming are easy, accessible, and user-friendly.

This bit of information is what makes the HubSpot plugin so attractive: the plugin itself is built natively within HubSpot. So while on the back end the plugin is code added to your website, you’ll never ever have to deal with the code itself on the front end of your website. 

To be clear: WordPress.org is open source and free to sign up and download for anyone. WordPress.com is a hosted version of open-source WordPress. It’s confusing, we know. You cannot use plugins with a website built on WordPress.com. WordPress plugins only work with a website build on WordPress.org.

We wrote about this issue in a previous blog post, which you can read here

Just like HubSpot itself, the plugin saves time and streamlines every aspect of your marketing initiatives.

What makes the HubSpot WordPress plugin popular?

Plugins are the key to HubSpot and WordPress integration. Thanks to HubSpot’s excellent WordPress plugin, your business can take advantage of your paid HubSpot tools right within WordPress itself. Here are some of the cost-effective tools available with the HubSpot plugin:

  • Chatbots and live chat to engage visitors at meaningful points in the marketing funnel
  • Effective, simple forms to capture actionable leads 
  • In-depth website analytics that funnels all your data into one centralized location
  • Robust CRM and contact management access right in WordPress
  • Pop-ups to re-engage customers before they leave

Not ready to bring your entire website over to HubSpot? No problem. Some of our most successful customers leverage HubSpot’s CMS Hub to build micro-sites for their business, allowing their marketing team to quickly build out sites for key initiatives separate from their corporate website.

-Kim Garmon Hummel, Sauce Marketing

How much does the HubSpot WordPress plugin cost?

HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is part of the Operations Hub, which means it’s free to start plugin’ away. 

Looking for advanced features to automate and scale your website’s growth? While it’s free, HubSpot does offer premium features of its Operations Hub for an added annual cost.

For information on HubSpot’s powerful suite of tools that scale with you, read our blog about why HubSpot Starter is the smart choice for your business.

How much time does it take to install and use the HubSpot WordPress plugin?

There are two factors that determine time commitment to HubSpot and WordPress integration: team expertise and technical resources. If you’re a small business with a busy team, you might not have the resources in place to build an effective WordPress website and integrate HubSpot on your own. 

On top of plugin setup, maintenance is the most important aspect of plugin installation and use. Plugins are intuitive, helpful, and practical. For all of their strengths, they have one weakness: they need continuous and active maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Security is another important thing to consider during plugin installation and long-term use. Be mindful of plugin sources and developers. WordPress offers over 58,000 plugins to make your website unique. Not all plugins are regularly maintained or updated, though. Poor developer support means increased risk for brute force attacks and security issues. Here are a few key areas to focus on as you select which plugin works for you:

  • How many downloads does the plugin have?
  • What’s the plugin’s user review rating?
  • Has the plugin been recently updated within the last year?

So, do your due diligence before you choose a plugin. The more you know about your plugins at the start, the more time you’ll save down the road. Rest assured: HubSpot’s plugin is fully supported, secure, and ready to handle your essential data.

Install and use the HubSpot WordPress plugin

A WordPress site without plugins is a clean slate. Plugins are the magic that brings your site to life! Once your HubSpot plugin is installed, you can create forms, monitor new contacts, and create lists from your WordPress account. 

  • Dashboard: view your HubSpot reporting dashboards to monitor newly created contacts all in one location. The plugin offers tools to associate contact records with companies, deals, and more.
  • Lists: create segmented lists for marketing email campaigns or contact enrollment 
  • Forms & pop-ups: create mobile-responsive forms and pop-up forms to use on your website. You can add follow-up emails to specific forms to nurture leads.
  • Live-chat & chatbots: add live chat or bots to your website to engage customers in real-time or respond while you’re living your best life.
  • Built-in analytics: track and analyze website performance from within your WordPress panel to see what’s working and what needs improvement.

We’re here to guide and align your HubSpot and WordPress integration

We understand how important capturing leads is for your business. It’s a terrible feeling to spend the time and money to build a website and integrate services that do not generate revenue. It’s frustrating, deflating, and you don’t deserve that. You deserve tools that work for you and delight your customers. That’s why the HubSpot WordPress plugin is so fantastic. Your customers know WordPress. Your customers want a delightful buying experience. You want a successful sale and customers that keep coming back. That’s what HubSpot and WordPress integration does for your business.

Schedule a call with a Growth Guide today to discover what you need to install and maintain your business’ HubSpot and WordPress integration. We’re here to guide and align your integration wherever your business needs it the most. 

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