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Welcome to The RevOps Podcast

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Apr 6, 2020 12:30:00 PM


Season 1 of The RevOps Podcast launched in the midst of the global community learning to find their way through a socially distanced world. The Sauciety Spotlight features interviews with sales, marketing, and service pros about how they leverage technology to #GrowSmarter -AND- how they stay positive and focus on the good stuff.  In season 1, the latter is all about finding a "new normal" in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic. 
In this episode, Founder of Sauce Marketing, Kim Garmon Hummel, shares a little of her story, the story of her business, and how the "WHY" behind this first season of TheRevOps podcast. It’s a story of ups and downs, excuses and realizations but ultimately, it’s a story of growth, hope, and gratitude. 


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