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It’s Official: Sauce Marketing is a Certified StoryBrand Agency

by Kim Garmon Hummel, on Jun 9, 2021 12:00:00 AM

We’re thrilled to announce that Sauce Marketing is officially a Certified StoryBrand Agency!

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. At every turn, there are new, overwhelming methods and strategies to choose from. Here at Sauce Marketing, we know you want to be confident about your digital marketing strategy. After all, you deserve to be an industry leader that achieves impactful results. 

We know growing a business is a lot harder than starting one, but it doesn’t have to be. Clarifying your message and speaking to your audience in a way that compels them to take action is the first step in reaching success. But that can take a lot of work. That’s why Sauce Marketing is a Certified StoryBrand Agency.

What is a Certified StoryBrand Agency?

A Certified StoryBrand Agency is a full-service marketing agency trained and tested in the StoryBrand messaging framework. Our purpose is simple: to help your brand tell a clear and compelling story.

StoryBrand training and certification consist of:

  • Live training and lecture sessions with StoryBrand CEO Donald Miller, Certified Guides, and industry experts
  • Agency-wide certification and training through dedicated Certified StoryBrand Guide training
  • Continued training through Business Made Simple University 

Everybody wants to grow their business. StoryBrand is how Sauce Marketing and our clients #GrowSmarter.

The StoryBrand basics

If you clarify your message, customers listen. Most companies waste time on empty marketing collateral that distracts customers from buying or following a story. Marketing that speaks directly to customers and positions your business as their guide invites and delights.

There are two things to keep in mind at the start of every StoryBrand framework session:

  1. Is your messaging about your customer’s survival?
  2. Is the message clear and simple?

If you answered no to either of these questions, then your customers do not understand you or your product. Sauce Marketing guides you through the framework to create a clear, compelling story that speaks to your customers. 

Don’t get caught in the weeds. Bring your language and product marketing down to the level of the decision-makers. Don’t scare customers at the door — invite them into a story, present a solution, and guide them to success.

The difference between Certified StoryBrand Agency and Guide

Sauce Marketing is a Certified StoryBrand Agency. There are distinct differences between certified agencies and guides. Let’s break it down:

Certified StoryBrand Guide

A Certified StoryBrand Guide is a single person offering insight and consulting using the StoryBrand messaging framework. Guides are less expensive, slower, and offer the same suite of services that StoryBrand agencies provide. The key difference? Guides lack the bandwidth that full-service Certified StoryBrand Agencies provide. 

Certified StoryBrand Agency

A Certified StoryBrand Agency is an entire team aligned and focused at every step of the StoryBrand messaging framework. Agencies are faster—and more expensive—than Guides. Why do agencies cost more than guides if both do the same thing?

Certified StoryBrand Agency benefits:

  • Keep all your marketing efforts under one roof
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Offer both strategy and implementation of all StoryBrand messaging for your business

A Certified StoryBrand Agency is perfect for businesses in need of a marketing department, not just a single employee. If your team is agile but lacks time to implement StoryBrand, a Certified StoryBrand Agency implements StoryBrand for you.

How Sauce Marketing and StoryBrand grow your business

Digital marketing doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. Guessing and stressing over which strategy works best is a one-way path to failure. 

Here are the steps to growing your business with Sauce Marketing and StoryBrand:

  1. Connect: Request a call with a Sauce Marketing Growth Guide to discover ways to improve your marketing.
  2. Strategize: We’ll work together and develop a StoryBrand framework to grow your business.
  3. Grow: Our team implements or delivers the StoryBrand strategy that speaks to the customers your business needs to thrive.

Here are some of the capabilities a full-service Certified StoryBrand Agency like Sauce Marketing offers:

  • Develop or optimize a StoryBrand BrandScript for your business
  • Build and optimize websites with StoryBrand messaging and Growth-Driven Design 
  • Strategize and create website copy and content that aligns with StoryBrand
  • Build transitional nurturing campaigns through email and social media
  • Complement existing marketing frameworks and methodologies, like HubSpot.

For more information on Sauce Marketing’s capabilities, click here.

Request a call with a Sauce Marketing Growth Guide today

Stop wasting money on marketing that does not work. Sauce Marketing guides you along the marketing journey, so you can point to the measurable results that grow your business. 

Request a call with a Certified Growth Guide today. In the meantime, read more about StoryBrand from our blog, the Sauciety Pages: