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The Boss of Sauce Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Real Simple

by Taylor White, on Oct 21, 2019 12:00:00 AM

The Boss of Sauce - Kim Garmon Hummel was featured as the Leading Women in Business of Memphis in Fortune, Entrepreneur, & Real Simple Magazines. Kim and Team Sauce are touted as using "the latest, coolest, most strategic tricks in the digital playbook to bump business marketing up a notch" - and we couldn't agree more! Our 'Saucy Solutions' include branding, marketing automation, sales and marketing alignment, sales enablement, digital growth, photography, videography, podcast production and a lot more, which we pair with strategy and real user data to help our clients gain short-term wins and reach their long-term goals.

Without further adieu - here is the amazing article written about our Sauce Boss, the future of marketing and how we are helping to lead the way!

The Boss of Sauce (Marketing)

Kim Garmon Hummel and her saucy team use the latest, coolest, most strategic tricks in the digital playbook to bump business marketing up a notch.

Hollandaise, Alfredo, Memphis barbecue—admit it: everyone loves sauce. Sauce Marketing entices clients to get strong, work hard, succeed, and most importantly, do everything with flavor. The Memphis-based company is all about harnessing that secret something that passionate business owners need to grow.

“At any given moment, there are millions of people looking to the internet to solve a problem,” says Kim Garmon Hummel, founder and CEO of Sauce Marketing. “If you aren’t using your digital presence to reach your clients with the solutions you offer, it’s time to #GrowSmarter!


Sauce isn’t just a marketing company; it’s a growth agency that partners with companies and organizations to help them organize, optimize, align, and transform their sales and marketing tactics to reach their growth goals. With the preternaturally positive Hummel at the helm, finding new ways to market businesses in a progressively complex, mostly digital world is a daily adventure that yields big results for clients.

“It’s all about the experience you provide for your clients,” says Hummel, a creative at heart who grew her business organically into a full-service marketing agency by seeking to improve the results and experience she delivered to her clients. Hummel started her work in this industry in 2007, and she founded Sauce in 2014. “We’ve come a long way since my solo-preneur days,” she says. “We’re a team of strategists, creators, analyzers, and implementers, working seamlessly from concept and strategy to implementation, delivery, and beyond. Our Simmer Sessions, which are all about strategy, are what set us apart. Basing implementation on a data-driven plan is the key to success.”

A New and Necessary Approach

hubspot-silver-timelineThe traditional model of website design is broken, explains Hummel. “Most teams work on a site for several months before it goes live, then move onto the next project. That’s an obsolete paradigm,” she notes. “Websites should never be ‘finished.’ Growth-driven design allows us to improve and update websites in real-time based on valuable, real-user data.” The company partners with HubSpot— an industry leader in web analytics—to gather critical information about how users interact with companies online.

“Without this data,” Hummel says, “websites are built only on opinions and preferences; that’s a risky proposition. When you shift to a data-centered model, the path to growth becomes clear.” So does the path to success, as Sauce’s clients can attest. Hummel recalls a local company that hadn’t updated its website since the early 2000s. “Within the first week of working with us — using a fresh, user-friendly website and a few other digital tactics — they had a 100 percent booked calendar for the first time in the history of their business.”

What’s next for Sauce Marketing? The Sauciety Hour, a podcast dedicated to sharing tactics for success and the stories of business owners who are achieving it. “It won’t be an hour-long show, but it was too good of a name not to use!” laughs Hummel.

What Are You Waiting For?

At Sauce, we focus on your goals - both long-term and short-term. We use all the tools in our arsenal to craft a targeted approach that ensures your marketing efforts reach the right people at the right time-- so that you can reach your growth goals.

Our job is to help you grow smarter! If you are ready to work with a team dedicated to your success and overall goals, schedule a call and we'll have a conversation about how you and your company can Grow Smarter. After all, that is what we do!