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Why HubSpot Starter Is the Smart Choice for your Business

by Michael O'Mara, on Jun 30, 2021 12:00:00 AM

HubSpot is for every business– any size, any stage.

This isn’t just the CRM to invest in after the hard-earned growth of your business. This is the CRM that turns turbulent growth into a streamlined, proactive path to success.

To grow, you need tools and strategies to prioritize relationships and maintain growth. That’s what sets HubSpot apart from the competition: inbound marketing tailoring every aspect of the buying journey in a holistic, considerate manner. We believe compromising your values and misleading customers is the wrong path. HubSpot thinks so, too. The right path? A smarter, affordable suite of tools and strategies built to engage customers and keep them coming back. In a nutshell, HubSpot. 

“Investing in your marketing is a means to grow. To avoid scaling issues, your marketing tech needs to grow too. That’s why HubSpot grows as you do with powerful automation, organization, and communication tools to delight your customers and streamline your productivity.”

- Kim Garmon Hummel, Sauce Marketing

So, you’re still on the fence. That’s okay, we’ve been there. Years ago, Sauce Marketing struggled to decide whether HubSpot was the right fit for our marketing agency. After all, adopting a new CRM for internal production and external communication can be an expensive, confusing journey.

Or is it?  

HubSpot Starter offers premium features at an affordable price. This is the top-tier option for any business searching for an affordable, efficient CRM to solve communication breakdowns and save some time. In this blog, learn about the powerful tools HubSpot Starter provides, the differences between HubSpot’s Premium bundles, and our recommendations for which HubSpot bundle is right for your business.

HubSpot Starter tech stack integration

A “tech stack” is the tools your business uses to function. An optimized tech stack is when all of your tools exist under one location and work in tandem. It’s frustrating to use 10, 15, even 20 different tools to achieve just a few goals, isn’t it? HubSpot understands this problem, which is why it offers essential premium features at a discounted annual rate.

Starter marketing tools

HubSpot’s Starter CRM features include a suite of powerful marketing tools to delight customers and win the day. Here are five capable marketing tools included in HubSpot Starter:

  • Forms to capture leads at multiple website touchpoints 
  • Email marketing tools, like newsletters and email client integration 
  • Advertising tracking and management 
  • Landing page development with inbound methodology guidance
  • Helpful conversation inbox for easy internal navigation and organization 

Email scheduling and automation is a powerful tool in any business owner’s pocket. On average, drip campaigns, or nurturing email automation, results in 50% more sales-ready leads. This functionality in other CRMs is locked behind subscriptions. Not with HubSpot. You can build, automate, and enjoy a three-email drip campaign right now with HubSpot’s Starter plan. 

Read more about drip campaign emails on HubSpot's blog.

Starter sales tools

You need to generate sales. No sales? No business. HubSpot is fantastic for the growing business owner searching for a passive and proactive method to start engaging conversations that convert. How so? Here are three sales tools included in HubSpot’s Starter CRM plan:

  • Live chat functionality
  • Conversation bot automation on your website 
  • Integrated calling and quotes system

Starter operations tools

We understand the energy and commitment that comes with running and growing a business. So does HubSpot. That’s why these three operational tools are included in HubSpot's Starter plan: 

  • Ticketing creates a simplified, organized method to keep track of your client conversations 
  • Email scheduling features for newsletters, announcements, and campaigns 
  • Data synchronization for all users

HubSpot pricing and plan breakdown

HubSpot offers multiple, similar price points in exchange for access and use of its services in the following categories: marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations. In this section, we will cover the general premium features from HubSpot and our recommendations.

Products and Plans

HubSpot offers a wide range of products and plans on a subscription-based pricing model. Each product features tiered plans and prices that can be paid monthly or annually. Plans for first-time clients include a small discount when they commit to an annual subscription. 

We do not recommend individually purchasing plans and services. If you need a sales plan, you likely need a marketing plan and website-building tools. That’s why HubSpot compacts all of its useful services into cost-cutting bundles.


HubSpot’s bundled subscriptions include every individual plan and service for one low cost. You will save thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars per year choosing a bundle over an individual service plan. For example, the starter for HubSpot’s Marketing Hub costs $50 per month. The bundled Starter plan, including marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations services, costs $50 too. That’s 5 times the value at the same price. No catch, no strings. Just a dang good deal. 

Here is a breakdown of HubSpot’s bundled products:

  • Starter is the most cost-effective method to access HubSpot’s premium tools. This is perfect for growing small businesses
  • Professional expands the scope and scale of starter services for medium businesses with a centralized team focused and ready to improve.
  • Enterprise further expands upon the scope and scale of the professional bundle for a business earning as much as they’re growing.

Our recommendations


We recommend the HubSpot Starter bundle for clients looking for a smart CRM solution that grows with their business. HubSpot Starter is affordable, powerful, and easy to use. It’s by far the most user-friendly CMS on the market. For less than $50 a month, your business can use tools and strategies competitors charge thousands for. Keep in mind that this is the lowest premium tier. While powerful, HubSpot’s Starter bundle is limited compared to the Professional and Enterprise options.


Our number one recommendation is the HubSpot Professional bundle. It’s what we use at Sauce Marketing! Our sales team uses it multiple times a day to engage leads, schedule appointments, and communicate with clients. Our production team uses it to build websites, publish content, and archive important client information and research. At Sauce, we’ll never preach what we don’t practice. It’s why we’re a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner!


We recommend HubSpot’s Enterprise bundle to large-scale businesses with a regional, national, or global team and thousands of contacts and touchpoints. This is the Rolls Royce of inbound CRMs. Dollar for dollar, you cannot find a better CRM bundle for big business.

Helpful advice before you begin

Set your budget

A hasty investment in a product that doesn’t fit your needs is money out the door. 

Set your budget and stick to it. Do your due diligence and invest in a helpful, proactive CRM that streamlines your internal and external communication and workflow. HubSpot Starter is a fantastic option for business owners that doesn’t break the bank.

Know your customer

As a business owner, do you rely on instinct or data to make decisions? Instinct is essential in any business, but the right data and a solid strategy before implementing any sales and lead generation is the successful path of least resistance.

Educate yourself

HubSpot’s certifications empower you to make informed, profitable decisions based on inbound methodology and data. HubSpot Starter expands available certifications so you can learn, build, and grow smarter. That’s the HubSpot methodology we rely on to help our clients through every step of their growth journey. It can help you too. Click here to learn about certifications on HubSpot’s website.

Calculate your estimated ROI

HubSpot users report 2.1x more visitors, 2.5x more leads, and a proven increase in conversion rates. Read the report from HubSpot by clicking here

This is our favorite HubSpot tool for new users: The ROI calculator. Just input your business’ current metrics and learn how HubSpot can stimulate a greater return on your investment than your current marketing strategy. Click here to calculate your ROI on HubSpot’s website.

Consult a Certified HubSpot Agency

HubSpot is built for everyone from the beginning business to the advanced professionals capturing leads and earning the big bucks. No matter your skill level or industry, HubSpot helps you reach the next level. What that future looks like is up to you. If you’re still on the fence, a certified HubSpot agency like Sauce Marketing helps you select the right HubSpot plan, services, and strategy for your business to grow. 

Ready to discuss the best HubSpot bundle for your business? Fill out the quick form below so one of our Growth Guides can get the ball rolling for you.

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